Monday, January 10, 2011


So we finally made it inside the Guggenheim. I know many of you are wondering how I can say finally when we have only been here for a two weeks but, we have visited many times since before and after it was built and never entered. The building itself is pretty amazing as you can see from the outside.

The girls had the typical modern art questions like, "you mean someone just painted that giant canvas with one color, splashed another color on the edge and it got put in a museum?" There was a large section of photography as well as a newspaper art clippings area where the clippings were all from my childhood. 1970s US and world news in English. There were some unique rooms with special lighting and portraits hanging of random people. Again, 70s and 80s. Much of the photography had a rather dark side and wasn't appropriate for the kids so we had to move them to other areas accordingly. The upper level hosted older paintings and still art which was of greater interest to the girls, particularly to Maia. They offer classes for kids so we may look into some of those options once we are more settled into a routine.

I think we may also have found a nice art studio for them to take classes in the evenings once a week in Sopalana, a few metro stops away and only steps from my sister MaLuz's flat. One more step forward to finding interesting opportunities for them.

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  1. Very cool Lauren---on my bucket list for sure! Interesting that there is a art studio for the girls nearby too for lessons.